About Us

Nannies Now is the modern parents’ best friend. Our ’life saving’ app promptly matches you with trustworthy babysitters and nannies in your locality in minutes.

Since our launch in 2016, our app has matched families throughout Australia with fabulous minders, all with just the touch of a button.

To give our carers and parents the best user-experience, Nannies Now evolved into a progressive web app, this gives you the app-like experience on a desktop or mobile phone without the hassle of
downloading from native app stores.

It is fast, reliable, works in any browser and has offline functionality – brilliant!

About The Company

Nannies Now is the brainchild of Mazviita who realised the importance of urgent and yet trustworthy childcare as she undertook babysitting responsibilities.

With both parents working full-time these days, minders are more often than not required at the last minute, such as when parents need to work late, a child is too ill to attend school or just needing to finally put your feet up-we get it.

Maz (Mazviita) soon observed this trend of families requiring urgent last-minute care, but were unsuccessful in sourcing minders, and that’s how the company was born

– To provide families with quality, trusted
minders for long term or last-minute care, with the development of a long-lasting relationship for all parties based on trust and respect at the forefront.

A Note From Maz! (and The Family!)

Nannies Now is here to make finding you a babysitter a breeze!

We are your one- stop-shop support network and enable you to prepare for the unexpected- whether that’s a last-minute meeting, a spontaneous date night or to just let your hair down- we’ve got you covered.

As your self-proclaimed best friend, we possess all the qualities that make for the ultimate companion-we’ll answer your call at 3 am in the morning, provide you with 24/7 support, cover you for all your date nights and best of all, trustworthy-we’ve got it all!

Our app empowers parents to live their best lives and minders to be in control. We understand that a match between a family and a carer is crucial to building relationships and our experience with caring for children has taught us exactly what parents look for and need, and what your little ones enjoy.

Our insight and real-life experience has helped, and is helping us tailor the company to suit your personalised needs, whether you’re a parent or a minder.

If you’ve got some pressing concerns, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We’re one BIG family at Nannies Now and we are keen for you to join us at our dinner table.

Love and Light
– Maz

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