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The urgent need for childcare by parents has only dramatically increased
in recent years.

This is largely due to the rapidly rising maternal workforce participation
rate, parents changing work patterns, increased government expenditure
(on subsidies) and the increased youth population aged 12 and under.

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“The Number 1 Concern for Working Parents is Too Little Childcare Assistance”

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Our Unique, Modern and World-Leading On-Demand
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Nannies Now is Known: for its World-Leading State of the Art/Unique Click-of- a-Button On-Demand App that easily, efficiently and reliably allows Australian families to find long-term babysitters or nannies.

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Nannies Now Ensure: That every single one of the carers in our database have
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winning childcare relationship: respect, honesty, reliability and ultimately a
genuine love for children. Guaranteed.

Nannies Now Helps your Business: by providing easy, fast (on-demand),
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understand the responsibility of caring for a beautiful child. From physical to
emotional to intellectual to social and recreational needs. Guaranteed.

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Nannies Now Features –
  • 24/7 App Operated Certified (One Super App!)
  • Spontaneous Last Minute Certified (We Promise!)
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Certified (Guaranteed!)
Current Childcare Industry Growth Issues –
  • “64% of Australian Families with Children Have BothParents Working”
  • “Female Participation in the Labour Force has Risen 1.8%to 60.5% in the Last 5 Years”
  • “Over the Next Five Years, the Growth Rate for the
    Population Under the Age of 3 is Expected to Outpace the
    Growth Rate of the Total Population (9.9% and 8.5%)”